Elite Group has a group of creative and highly qualified practitioners providing the following services for your R&D in China.

Obtain Foreign Filing License from the Chinese Patent Office

Assist on corporate policies for inventor remuneration

Assist on drafting employment contract for inventor remuneration

Keep track of R&D projects, interview inventor, provide filing strategies for filing invention, utility model and design applications in China

Interview with inventors to write up and finalize Invention Disclosures

Conduct preliminary prior art search

Generate a preliminary search report analyzing how the invention is distinct from prior art(s) and advising how to pursue a patent application

Draft a patent application for invention or utility model in English/Chinese

Send out instructions and coordinate with foreign firms for filing patent application outside of China

Give trainings to inventors, in-house counsel and management team in R&D facilities in China

Obtain High-tech Enterprise Identification

Assist in putting cases onto various accelerated programs.

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