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Elite Group has a goal of providing the highest quality of full intellectual property services to clients in China and around the world, drawing upon its substantial experience. We have a creative, enthusiastic and experienced team providing customized intellectual property services to both foreign and domestic clients.

Elite Group has proven abilities in respect of its intellectual property prosecution and enforcement work. Some of our attorneys worked in foreign law firms (such as U.S. or European law firms). Some of them have the background working as examiners or judges. Therefore, our practitioners not only have ample working experiences but also have in-depth vision about intellectual property practice and strategy.

Well-rounded global perspective

We are a local law firm with the international vision. As a Chinese local law firm, we are on the ground and can quickly work out tailored strategy for our clients. We know Greater China from inside out and always have creative solution in a cost effective way. With long term working experiences with International companies, we do have an international vision to satisfy the clientsvarieties of business needs.  Through working with foreign practitioners for outbound cases of big Chinese corporations for many years, we are knowledgeable about foreign practice and regularly coordinate intellectual property matters in every part of the world with foreign associates. Our global expertise has helped us 1) explain to clients on point, 2) take advantage of the differences between the patent practice in the foreign country and in China, and 3) reduce any possible confusion, avoid inconsistent statements and minimize duplicated efforts.

Whole-picture experiences

Our objective is more than winning a case but is to build for the clients the overall intellectual property protection strategy. By the end of every year, as part of our value-added services, we provide our clients with Annual Report on complimentary basis about the fulfillment status of their strategy. We have been doing routine audit work for our clients intellectual property portfolio so as to ensure the best protection strategy is executed. And we have been providing tailored and overall strategies for our clients from a big picture perspective. 

Sophisticated drafting skill

When we work for an international client, very often the case has already been drafted elsewhere. So the work from foreign clients typically involves translating other than drafting the application. However, we do strongly believe drafting patent application is a basic skill for all patent attorneys doing prosecution. With drafting experiences, when a client does something we can quickly understand the reason behind it and when we propose amendments, the amendments can also try to fulfill the purpose as they were originally drafted. Therefore, every senior patent attorney supervising the work and serving our international clients must have at least two-year's experience drafting patent applications from scratch.

Flexible fee arrangements

Elite Group always offers clients a variety of fee options in recognition of their needs to manage budgets and control costs. Some of our clients were affected badly by this pandemic. To support our clients, we offered a discount to the client or delayed our billing schedule to meet their budgeting goals. We have been providing cost-effective strategy to tide over the difficulties with our clients. We are always open to work with clients to find mutually beneficial alternative fee arrangements.

Innovative process to be cost-effective

As to our paralegals, our process is designed that patent practitioners only focus on substantive work and the paralegals take care of the rest of the work including formatting the documents to be filed, billing, preparing drawings, answering client's questions unrelated to technologies etc. We spend lots of time and energy training our paralegals so that our process can be efficient, and our services can be cost-effective. 

Business minded

Our firm's attorneys are trained to consider legal issues in line with commercial goals of our clients.  Our practitioners always consider with our clients the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing legal activities as well as providing our clients with the required risk assessment when they need to make informed commercial decisions.  Some of practitioners established their own firms before joining us so we know how to think as entrepreneurs.

Internal training

Elite Group pays very much attention to providing training to improve our people on all aspects, including, but not limited to, keeping our professionals up to date on technologies and news of industries to which our clients belong, in addition to training on our daily work.  We encourage all of our people to try to reach their full potential within the firm. 

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Suite 7222, B Tower, Heqiao Plaza, No. 8 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100020, China

Tel: (+86) 10 5339 6601
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